4 Rejuvenating Ingredients to Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

While no one can stop the process of aging, the good news is that there are many potent ingredients that have been proven to repair and rejuvenate mature skin. When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, applying ingredients like glycolic acid, vitamin C, phytic acid, and vitamin B3 are able to restore collagen levels, brighten age spots, and refine the complexion for a healthy, plump appearance.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • The Age Defying Serum for Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Glycolic Acid: The Firming Agent for Youthful Skin
  • Vitamin C: The Ultimate Skin Repairer
  • Phytic Acid: A Natural Preservative that Clears Pores
  • Vitamin B3: The Brightener and Whitener

The Age Defying Serum for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Refine packs major benefits with the help of 4 key ingredients:

  • Tightening pores
  • Firming sagging skin
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Reducing redness
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Brightening a dull complexion
  • Reducing the appearance of dark spots
  • Balancing hyperpigmentation
  • Healing acne and scarring
  • Exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Increasing cell turnover

Glycolic Acid: The Firming Agent for Youthful Skin

Glycolic acid is a revolutionary ingredient derived from sugarcane that’s much-loved for its incredible ability to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. This complexion-enhancing acid falls under the category of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which are ideal for accelerating the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, radiant skin underneath. Glycolic Acid is also an effective remedy to reduce fine lines, tighten sagging skin, and improve hyperpigmentation.

Some more benefits of glycolic acid include:

It’s Easily Absorbed 

Glycolic acid (also known as hydroxyacetic acid) is the smallest AHA. Thanks to its small size, glycolic acid is able to easily penetrate the skin to deliver its naturally high concentration of antioxidants and collagen-stimulating properties.

Glycolic acid has also been proven to enhance the absorption of other ingredients, making it the ultimate skincare ingredient.

It Helps Remove Stubborn Dead Skin

Once glycolic acid is applied onto the skin, it’s able to weaken the binding properties of the fatty cells that are holding onto the dead skin cells. Dead cells are commonly the cause of a lackluster, dull complexion. What’s more, dead skin can also make it more difficult for skincare products to penetrate the skin barrier to deliver moisture and nutrients. 

After using glycolic acid, the outer layer of the skin is dissolved and cell turnover is increased to reveal a fresh and refined complexion.

It Evens the Complexion

Glycolic acid is a known inhibitor of enzymes that trigger melanin formation and hyperpigmentation like tyrosinase. By blocking these enzymes, the skin color is preserved and remains more even, balanced, and bright.

Vitamin C: The Ultimate Skin Repairer

Thanks to new advancements in technology, skincare products are finally able to deliver more targeted benefits of vitamin C. The oil soluble version of vitamin C in Refine, for example, helps fight the signs of aging, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and pollution. Vitamin C can combat dullness, lack of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

Continue reading for more benefits of vitamin C:

It Repairs Skin Damage from Aging and Sun Exposure

Constant exposure to UV radiation and environmental factors over time can cause premature skin aging. These factors degrade the skin’s collagen levels and stimulate oxidative stress. Fortunately, Vitamin C is a highly repairing, anti-aging remedy that can help overcome these undesirable aesthetic effects. In one study, 25 participants who applied vitamin C daily over a period of 12 weeks experienced a noticeable reduction in wrinkles, skin tone, and photodamage.

Vitamin C is a key factor in the production of collagen and a potent antioxidant, which means it’s able to dramatically repair and rejuvenate aged and photodamaged skin.

The older we get, the more need there is for vitamin C, since the levels in our skin decline with age. Using a serum can replenish levels to promote collagen production and fight free radicals that cause deep skin damage.

It Enhances the Effects of Vitamin E

High levels of vitamin C can also enhance the ultra-healing effects of vitamin E. When vitamin E is functioning optimally, this lipid-soluble antioxidant is able to prevent oxidative damage in the skin, maintaining a healthy-looking, youthful complexion.

Phytic Acid: A Natural Preservative that Clears Pores

Phytic acid is one of the gentlest acids that’s suitable for all skin types. This gentle whitener, brightener, redness reducer, and age spot remover is an ideal skincare ingredient to for daily use. 

Want some more benefits of phytic acid?

It’s Highly Anti-Aging

Similar to glycolic acid, phytic acid is an AHA, which means it’s ideal for gentle exfoliating and accelerating the natural cell turnover process of the skin. By helping dead skin cells shed away, this superstar ingredient is able to improve skin texture and reduce the signs of aging.  

Phytic acid is an antioxidant, so it also plays a role in fighting against skin-aging free radicals, ensuring a plump and healthy complexion.

It’s Soothing

Phytic acid can be found naturally in plants and fruit. Its natural properties enable it to even the skin tone and soothe redness, especially for those suffering with rosacea. 

It’s Moisturizing

By sloughing away the dead skin cells that act as a barrier to the skin, this naturally-occurring AHA clears the way for the skin to accept moisture and nutrition from products. 

It Cleans and Tightens Pores

Phytic acid can also prevent blackheads and shrink pores by removing a buildup of calcium. Calcium thickens the natural oils of your skin into a wax-like consistency that can build up inside pores and cause clogging, stretched out pores, and blackheads.

Vitamin B3: The Brightener and Whitener

While vitamin C has long been known for its impressive ability to brighten and rejuvenate the skin, there’s another vitamin that’s gaining more attention for the dramatic results it can offer. Vitamin B3 is a powerhouse ingredient that offers brightening, repairing, and hydrating effects on the skin. With a single application, vitamin B3 can address dullness, enlarged pores, blackheads, and fine lines. 

Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide or nicotinamide, isn’t produced by the body itself. Instead, to reap its brightening and anti-aging benefits, it needs to be either consumed or applied topically (with a serum like this for example). 

Vitamin B3 has additional benefits like:

It Increases Cell Turnover

The secret to younger skin is not only making it appear more youthful, but to make it behave younger as well. Vitamin B3 is the go-to ingredient for youthful-acting skin thanks to its ability to increase cell renewal, repair damaged skin cells, and reduce the impact of the sun’s rays. The end result is a complexion that’s more plump and firm.

It Reduces Hyperpigmentation

B3 has been shown to prevent the transfer of pigment in the skin, which can help reduce the appearance of brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B3 also does more than that to balance the complexion. Applying it can also reduce redness thanks to its highly anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help the skin retain long-lasting hydration, strengthen the skin barrier, and improved the synthesis of skin’s healthy fats for plumper, youthful skin.


Glycolic acid, vitamin B3, phytic acid, and vitamin C have each been infused into Refine’s skin-enhancing formula to ensure daily hydration, pore refining, tightening, and purifying for oily and sensitive skin. 

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