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Brighten Your Skin with This Pearl-Powered Serum

It’s no wonder why this luxurious ingredient was so popular, considering its unique abundance in beauty minerals that are scientifically-proven to significantly brighten and rejuvenate the skin. 

Pearls are one of the most important staples of Ancient Chinese beauty. These luminous, marine-sourced ingredients were treasured as a tool to enhance the complexion, going back as early as 320 AD. 

Keep reading to discover 4 important skin benefits of pearl powder and how it can transform your skincare routine.

1. Pearls are Naturally Brightening 

Pearls are most commonly used in skincare for their impressive ability to restore radiance to a dull complexion. When it comes to brightening the skin, few ingredients can compare to pearl’s impressive complexion-illuminating properties.

Here’s why it works:

  1. Pearls stimulate the skin’s production of tyrosinase, a naturally-occurring enzyme in the skin responsible for brightening.
  2. Tyrosinase is able to decrease melanin levels in the skin, which is what’s responsible for hyperpigmentation, freckles, and dark spots.  
  3. As a result of regular topical use of pearl powder, the skin looks brighter and noticeably more luminous. 

Pearl powder’s calming properties can also reduce redness from acne and sun exposure.

2. Pearls Stimulate Healthy Skin Regeneration

Pearl powder, also known as nacre, has also been proven to increase the formation of collagen in the skin. Once it’s applied, pearl powder regenerates fibroblasts and osteoblasts – the building blocks of collagen and cell renewal. One study proves pearl extracts’ ability to regenerate new skin cells by its ability to boost fibroblast production. This makes sense, considering fibroblasts are one of the most essential compounds needed for the skin to heal wounds, increased collagen production, and the formation of new skin. 

3. Pearls Can Firm Aging Skin

The older we get, the less our body produces collagen and fibroblasts, arguably the two most important components for firm, youthful skin. As mentioned earlier, pearl extract has a unique ability to regenerate fibroblasts, the cells that build collagen. It turns out that fibroblast compounds are also ideal for firming sagging skin as well as improving the skin’s wound healing process. What’s more, many women who use pearl-infused skincare regularly have reported firmer skin and a diminished appearance of wrinkles.

Pearl powder is also abundant in calcium, magnesium, iron, and 17 skin-enhancing amino acids. These important antioxidants and minerals promote bouncier, plumper skin while improving texture and restoring healthy nutrients to a tired complexion. One amino acid in particular known as conchiolin is responsible for deeply hydrating the skin, regenerating collagen, and fortifying the skin barrier against skin-damaging environmental factors like UV radiation. 

4. Pearls Fight Against Sun Damage

Pearls are one of the most potent sources of important skin-enhancing antioxidants and beauty minerals such as silica, a precursor to collagen. Pearl’s antioxidants function to beautify the skin from all angles brightening, regenerating, firming, and nourishing. These antioxidants also fight against the abundance of harmful free radicals. The more we age and are exposed to environmental factors like pollution and sun damage, the more free radicals accumulate in our bodies and on our skin, decreasing collagen, damaging skin cells, create dark spots, and cause the complexion to look lifeless and dull. The antioxidants found in pearls are known to combat them and reduce their negative effects. 

The Pearl-Infused Serum That Visibly Improves Skin

Adding pearl extract to your daily skincare routine is the secret to brighter, smoother, and bouncier skin. One example of a potent, pearl-infused skincare product is Ampersand’s Radiate serum. Each application allows the benefits of this ancient rejuvenating remedy to penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells and fortifying the skin barrier to significantly delay the signs of aging.

Radiate is formulated to provide dull and uneven skin with the ultimate brightening serum. By infusing a potent dose of pearl powder, this serum is able to lighten dark spots and even the skin tone. 

To take its brightening effects to new heights, licorice root is also added as another key ingredient in this serum. Licorice root is proven to be one of the most effective natural remedies for brightening the skin. At the same time, it also works to fight against UV damage, soothe sensitivity, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To ensure maximum benefits for your skin, Essential Skin Defense (ESD) is exclusively formulated into the base of each Ampersand serum. The ESD formula includes five powerful, intensively researched ingredients that offer the skin a pure dose of much-needed antioxidants, trace minerals, and even probiotics.  To understand more about the unique benefits ESD can offer your skin, you can find out more details in this article.

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