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At Ampersand

We believe that everyone should feel beautiful, confident, and loved in their own skin. That's why we set out to discover, develop, and share a range of organic, botanically based, and effective serums that treat specific skin conditions.

Our serums are formulated using naturally derived ingredients, which are selected for their healing and nourishing qualities. Our formulas are inspired by nature to target skin challenges caused by environmental stressors and internal imbalances. AMPERSAND maintains and supports your skin's natural defenses, and allows your inner radiance to shine.

Our serums are for Anyone who needs to address skin concerns and for Everyone who wants healthy, nourished, beautiful skin.

We believe in the inclusion of all people.... no gender differentiation, no types, no age specification. Just be you & be beautiful!

Ingredients Matter

Every ingredient has a purpose, and is selected to protect, purify, prevent, target or regenerate. Your skin is a powerful organ. It can work wonders when it's supported with the right ingredients that won't disrupt its natural function. Learn more about our ingredients and their function, using our N.O.E glossary.

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